A Slice of Sweetness

Diane's Apple Pie

A delicious cap to a wonderful dinner. Diane's apple pie puts an explosion of cinnamon and apples in your mouth. Your taste buds will sing when the crunchy crust and the juicy inside harmonizes together.

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Cobbler Surprise

Pineapple n Scotch Cobbler

A dish of magnificent, yummy goodness. A sweet caramel flavor with a subtle punch of pineapple. Candied crust and a pillow of joy.

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Better than the store bread

Devlin's Potato Bread

This bread is absolutely perfect. Whether you want a fluffy slice or you want to toast it up, this bread is sure to be the perfect vehicle for all sorts of dishes.

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Flatbread delight

Israeli Flatbread

A flatbread recipe that is sure to fill the needs of many.

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Couch Potatoes

Roasted Red Potatoes

A fantastic serving of these flavorful potatoes is sure to put you on the couch licking your fingers.

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Mouth Watering BBQ

Carolina Spicy N Tangy Chicken BBQ

This BBQ will have you drooling at the grill and the stove. Packed full of flavor, this tangy delight will have you looking for 2nds and 3rds.

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